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Journalism for Schools offers an interactive, school workshop to students of all ages, brought to you by Sally Hunt, an award-winning journalist with 30 years of experience reporting and writing for newspapers and magazines.

Designed to complement the national curriculum as well as raising aspirations

Sally brings her real-life experience to schools and colleges and can adapt her school workshop to the age of the students, making it interesting and inspiring as well as complementing National Curriculum requirements in English, Citizenship, PSHE and Science.

A Journalism for Schools workshop or Careers Day provides students with the skills and mindset to raise aspirations and give them more belief in themselves.

Our workshop changes their thinking and perceptive. They will look at the news in a different way and think about writing and communication in a different way. Understanding the implications of writing for a newspaper or digital news website makes them see the importance and responsibility that comes from writing for a mass audience.

A fun and effective way of engaging students who struggle with literacy

Our professional staff are committed to giving schools utmost value and an effective workshop which gives results they can see for themselves. All students work on the same tasks and depending on their individual abilities will all learn something, be challenged, motivated, and improve.

We are passionate about delivering our bespoke workshops which can be tailored to the many different goals and targets teaching staff need to meet. Our staff will liaise with teaching staff beforehand to make sure the best outcome is achieved from the workshop.


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